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Team Canada Strikes Gold, Team USA Captures the Silver

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Team Canada captured their first-ever team gold medal at the Olympic Games. It was significant for this team as many of their seasoned veterans will be retiring after the season concludes. Team Canada consists of many world medalists, but only one Olympic gold medalist—Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. This win gives ten-time national champion, three-time world champion and 2014 Olympic silver medalist, Patrick Chan an Olympic gold medal. It also gives seven-time national champions and two-time world champions, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford their first Olympic medal.

This victory also means that ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are now two-time Olympic gold medalists. Kaetlyn Osmond and Gabrielle Daleman were also part of the Team Event and will be awarded Olympic gold. This was a fantastic night for Team Canada as these well-deserving athletes were rewarded for all of their hard work, longevity and their determination.

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The Olympic Athletes from Russia settled for silver, while Team USA captured the bronze. Adam Rippon, Mirai Nagasu and the Shibutanis helped Team USA break away from Team Italy and land on top of the podium.

Adam Rippon continues to impress

Adam Rippon helped boost Team USA with his third place finish in the men’s free skate. Rippon removed the quad lutz from and delivered a strong, clean performance just as he had hoped that he would. Adam seemed nervous at the beginning of his program, but eased into it well and captivated the audience. It was a stellar moment for Adam Rippon.

“I have been waiting 28 years for this,” Adam said according to a U.S. Figure Skating press release. “Before I went out to skate, I said, ‘I feel like I might miss every single element in my program’ but then I said, ‘I trained for this too hard and I know when I get out there I am going to go for everything and take one element at a time.’ I was able to do that today. I am so glad I was able to put a really strong program together and I really hope I can help Team USA come away with a medal later today.”

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Patrick Chan won the free skate, giving Team Canada another ten points. Patrick landed both of his quads, but struggled with his triple Axels. It may not have been perfect, but it was beautiful. Patrick has such incredible skating skills and the ability to be mesmerizing. It is satisfying to know that he will end his career with a well-earned Olympic gold medal.

Despite some errors, Mikhail Kolyada managed to finish in second place. Team Italy’s Matteo Rizzo finished in fourth, while Team Japan’s Keiji Tanaka had a really tough skate and finished in fifth.

Mirai Nagasu makes history

It was not at all surprising to see Alina Zagitova win the ladies free skate, but what was incredible was Mirai Nagasu. Nagasu became the first lady from the U.S. to land a triple Axel at the Olympic Games and she received full credit. What an incredible night of redemption for Mirai.

It was amazing that Nagasu not only landed the triple Axel, but she gave a great performance even after landing it. She could have easily lost focus and botched the rest of her program, but because she’s included that triple Axel all season, she was mentally ready to handle it. With a ladies field this deep, many expected Mirai to come in fifth place in this event. Nagasu fended off some strong competitors and finished in second behind Russia’s Alina Zagitova.

“Four years ago when, I was left off the (Olympic) team, I wanted to make another Olympic Team, and I knew I would really have to be something special,” Mirai said. “So to become the first American (ladies figure skater) to land a triple Axel at the Olympic Games is historical, and no one can take that away from me.”

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Another skater who had a great skate was Team Canada’s Gabrielle Daleman. Gabrielle was so incredibly strong, completing element after element. It was an fantastic performance by Gabrielle as well. Both Mirai and Gabrielle have now entered the individual event medal conversation.

Team Italy’s Carolina Kostner finished in fourth while Team Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto finished in a disappointing fifth.

Team fate solidified with free dance

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir were on fire in the free dance. They delivered a stirring performance to “Moulin Rouge” and easily won first place. It will be exciting to watch them compete against their biggest rivals Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron next week.

Brother-sister team Maia and Alex Shibutani gave the best free dance performance that I’ve seen from them all season. The changes that they made following the U.S. Championships made such a difference. They seemed to skate with so much more freedom and passion. It was an incredible moment for this team. With their second place finish, they helped captured the bronze for Team USA.

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The Olympic Athletes from Russia, Ekaterina Bobrova and Dmitri Soloviev finished in third place and helped secure their team the silver medal. Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte finished in fourth for Team Italy. Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed finished in fifth for Team Japan.

Final Team Standings

GOLD Team Canada – 73
SILVER Team Olympic Athletes from Russia – 66
BRONZE Team United States – 62
4. Team Italy – 56
5. Team Japan – 50

For full results and scores, visit the results page.

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