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Stars on Ice is Back!


Photo courtesy of Stars on Ice

Stars on Ice is returning to Seattle. Olympic Champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White are headlining the tour once again, but we will also get to see many skaters who could very well make the 2018 Olympic Team. It is sure to be an exceptional show.

Newly crowned U.S. champion, Nathan Chen, along with U.S. ladies champ, Karen Chen will joining the Stars on Ice cast for the majority of the tour. I remember speaking with Joshua Farris back in 2015 about his experience with Stars on Ice and one of the things he mentioned is that Stars on Ice brought out of him a new way of performing. Even Patrick Chan was inspired by his time with Stars on Ice and used his exhibition program from the U.S. tour for his short program this season.

There is no doubt that Stars on Ice not only entertains audiences, but also helps skaters develop their style and their overall performance quality. I am hoping that this experience will do the same for both Nathan Chen and Karen Chen who have so many fabulous qualities about their skating, but could use further experience to enhance their presence on the ice and their ability to relate to the audience.

Who will be performing?

For skaters like 2016 world silver medalist Ashley Wagner, who lives for these kinds of opportunities, it is a chance for her to let loose and be the show pony that she was born to be. For her and for four-time national champion, Jeremy Abbott, along with 2016 U.S. champion Adam Rippon it is all about entertaining the audience. These are top notch skaters have so much more to give to the sport beyond the limited scope of competition. Many times these skaters seem somewhat confined to the rules and regulations of competition and yet they have a creativity that goes beyond what is currently allowed and this is a platform where they can flourish and develop as artists.


Photo courtesy of Stars on Ice

After having a turbulent season, I am also intrigued to see Gracie Gold perform. Gold switched coaches following the U.S. Championships and was unable to make the World Team. That being said, she has all of the components of a champion and she still has her sights set on the Olympics next year. When we see her in Seattle with Stars on Ice, she will have had a few months with Marina Zueva her new coach. It will be fascinating to see where she is at and if she is starting to make the positive turn that we have all been hoping to see from her.

Ice Dancers Take Center Stage

Though I would really love to see a pairs team join the Stars on Ice cast, like Alexa and Chris, I am happy to see that Madison Chock and Evan Bates have returned along with Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue. Both of these teams are amazing performers. American ice dance teams have been so incredibly successful and yet often overlooked, so it is wonderful to see three American ice dance teams as part of the cast.


Photo courtesy of Stars on Ice

Do I even need to mention Meryl Davis and Charlie White? They may not be contending for another Olympic Games, but they have certainly not sunk into the background. This dynamic duo are fabulous both on and off the ice. Davis and White always bring their best to the ice and come up with something brilliant.

This show is packed with a great mix of new skating stars along with seasoned veterans who know how to put on a good show. This is a chance to see the pros do what they do best and to get a glimpse of some Olympic hopefuls before they begin one of the biggest skating seasons of their lives. There is always such creativity and ingenuity in the design of the Stars on Ice shows that it is guaranteed to be an incredible show. Tickets are on sale now, check to see if they will be coming to a city near you, or join us in Seattle on May 20.

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