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Medvedeva Breaks World Record, Canadians Make History

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The ladies free skate is always full of ups and downs, but with the added pressure to capture Olympic berths, the drama was off the charts at the World Championships. Emotions were running high as the event heated up. World record scores were broken and history was made.

Evgenia Medvedeva Continues to go Undefeated

Evgenia Medvedeva seemed more nervous than usual, but as expected she performed beautifully. Evgenia landed jump after jump and finished with a world record breaking score of233.41 points. It may have been a somewhat generous score, but she has established herself as the most consistent ladies skater in the world. Medvedeva is the first lady to repeat as world champion since Michelle Kwan. Her dominance in the last two years is remarkable. Evgenia is without a doubt the favorite going into the 2018 Olympic Games.

The Canadian Ladies Make History

For the first time ever the Canadians have two ladies on the world podium. Kaetlyn Osmond was in second place after the short and she managed to hold on in the free skate to win the silver medal. This was a huge victory for Osmond who came in eleventh place at her last World Championships in 2014.

“To be able to stand on the podium and see one Canadian flag being raised is one thing, but to see two it feels that you are not alone,” Kaetlyn said according to an ISU press release. “Figure skating is such an individual sport, but to see another teammate on the podium with you is just unbelievable.”

Capturing the bronze was Gabrielle Daleman. Gabrielle has always shown so much promise but has been unable to put together two strong programs, until now. Daleman managed to land seven triples and only had a few minor bobbles. This was also a big victory for Gabrielle as well who finished in twenty first place at the 2015 World Championships and in ninth last year.

Both of these Canadian ladies have improved so much this season. What was truly impressive was that they managed to keep their nerves at bay. Gabrielle skated right after Evgenia and had to hear the roar of the crowd and heard her tremendous score. Kaetlyn was last to skate in the entire event. Both of these ladies had never been in this position before and yet they rose to the occasion and made their country proud.

U.S. Holds Onto 3 Olympic Berths

It was a rocky road for Ashley Wagner. She missed her triple flip-triple toe combination and turned the triple toe into a single. She then proceeded to change her double axel-triple  toe combination into a double axel-double toe. Ashley managed to do her triple loop-half loop-triple salchow, but it was under-rotated. It was not her day. Wagner finished in sixth place.

“It’s frustrating. I came to this competition very prepared,” Ashley said according to a U.S. Figure Skating press release. “In my practices, I have been the strongest that I’ve ever skated. So, today was one of those days where my head got in the way. I can be a very mental skater and I let myself be weak today and that’s very frustrating. This is the season to experience that though. I will always be a World silver medalist and I need to skate like a World silver medalist. Today, I just didn’t do that.”

Thankfully Karen Chen stepped it up and saved the day. Only weeks ago, critics complained about her being on the world team and yet it was Karen who gave the two best performances for the U.S. team. This was Chen’s World Championships debut and she finished in fourth place after delivering a stellar free skate. Karen landed six triples, but fell on the landing of her seventh triple, the triple lutz. Other than that it was a marvelous performance. Chen has silenced her doubters and established herself as a leading U.S. lady. “That was everything that I dreamed of,” Karen said. “Obviously, I made a mistake on the lutz and the last axel, but I was very happy with how the rest of the program came together.”

Mariah Bell looked incredibly nervous. She had a pretty good free skate and finished in eleventh place at her first World Championships. It wasn’t her best, but hopefully this experience will help her be more prepared to handle her nerves in the future. “I’ve gone from competition to competition feeling little variations of my nerves,” Bell said. “This one was probably the worst. I had trouble sleeping and a little bit of trouble during my practices but to go out there and take it one thing at a time today and stay in a good place in my mind is something I’m really proud of.”

Emotions Ran High

Expectations were high for Anna Pogorilaya who won the bronze at the 2016 World Championships. Anna has had the best season of her career this year, but just could not hold it together. The wheels came off of this program and it was a nightmare. She is an emotional skater to begin with, but this was painful to watch. Hopefully she can go back, pick up the pieces and find her happy place again.

It was an intense event for these ladies. They were not only battling it out for the podium, but also for Olympic spots on behalf of their countries. This event revealed just how much gumption it takes to be the best figure skaters in the world. It is certainly not an easy dream to achieve.

For the full scores and result listings, please visit the results page.

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