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Adam Rippon Embraces Olympic Dream

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Throughout the years we have had the privilege of watching Adam Rippon’s journey. We have seen some disastrous performances from him, we have witnessed disappointment and heartache. We have seen some witty and controversial Tweets and quotes from Adam. We have also watched him overcome, rebuild and reemerge to the skater that he is today. It has been a long road for Rippon, but it has finally led him to the moment he has been waiting for.

“Training for the Olympics had been a dream of mine ever since I started training,” Adam said in a media call on January 29. “The fact that I’m actually training for the Olympics is surreal and completely crazy.”

After everything that Rippon has gone through to get to this point, he is beyond excited to have his own Olympic experience. One of the biggest challenges that he will face is learning to focus in the midst of the Olympic hype. Adam is leaving in a few days for Pyeongchang and will be spending a few days at the off-site training center in order to acclimate to the environment.

“My focus has been to push myself so that by the time I get to the Olympic Games I can just go on autopilot,” Adam said. “I think it’s a really amazing opportunity for me to show the world what I’m made of, what kind of skater I am, the kind of person I am, and my story.”

The Team Event

With the depth of the mens international figure skating field, it is unlikely that Rippon will medal in the individual event. However, there is a strong chance that the U.S. Figure Skating Team will earn a medal in the team event. It has not been revealed just yet which skaters will be participating in the team event, but Adam is hoping that he will get to take part in this unique competition.

“I put out really strong performances with the exception of one all season,” Rippon said. “I have a lot of experience and I think I could be a useful asset to the team. Given the opportunity I would obviously take it, jump at it, and I would skate my little butt off.”

Preparing for his Olympic Moment

Adam hasn’t decided what his strategy is regarding the quad lutz just yet. He has had little success landing it cleanly, but it still does help him rack up some points. Rippon is thinking about removing it altogether so that he can give a clean performance, but he also does want a high score. Adam is also considering performing the quad lutz in his short program and his free skate, but at this point it is still undecided on what he will be attempting at the Olympics. Rippon and his coaching team will make the decision by the end of the week.

It may still be unclear what jumps Adam will be performing, but regardless he knows what kind of performance he is hoping to give. “I really want to have my best and cleanest performances, so I can look back and be like this was my Olympic moment, where it was perfect and everybody stood up and everybody was clapping,” Adam said.

Rippon missed making the Olympic Team in 2014, so he’s had a lot of time to imagine what the Olympics would be like. During the teleconference Adam listed three things that he is the most excited about at his first Olympic Games. “I am very excited to be going through team processing to get my team uniform…I’m so excited to walk in Opening Ceremonies. Among everything else, the one other thing that I’m very much looking forward to is taking my guards off and stepping onto Olympic ice for the very first time. Seeing the rings in the arena, seeing the rings on the ice, that’s a moment that I’ve been dreaming of my entire life.”

Rippon’s Impact on the Sport

Rippon may not have won the most gold medals at  international events, but his influence on the sport has been substantial. As he has grown up and matured, he has discovered how to express himself on the ice. His music may be different than other competitors, his costumes tighter than others and his artistry more eccentric than most, but he is confident about who he is and what he brings to the sport.

“I would like to be remembered as somebody who pushed the envelope and skated to things that challenged people’s beliefs of what could be competitive and challenged people’s views of what is an artistic program,” Rippon said. “I want to be seen as someone who opened the door for other athletes to be authentically themselves, no matter who they are or where they came from…I hope that my legacy is that I wasn’t afraid to be creative. I wasn’t afraid to make bold choices. Maybe I didn’t have the hardest program going out there, but I had a program that everybody remembered and was talking about when the competition was over.”


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